Five Latest Books



1.Just After Sunset - Stephen King

Since I am mostly writing short stories to submit to the Writers of the Future competition, this is a great book. Mr. King's voice inspires me to keep working on the craft. Short fiction is a fantastic read - especially when you have a very tight schedule and a 300,000 word novel may take months to complete.


2. Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians - Brandon Sanderson

Mr. Sanderson is one of my greatest mentors - and he doesn't even know it. I listen to his advice and wisdom from the Writer's Excuses podcast. (The link can be found on my home page.) After listening to him since 2009, I decided I needed to buy one of his books and check out his writing style. Mr. Sanderson usually writes Epic Fantasy (note my inability to read 300,000 word novels above). So, this was an excellent read and my respect for Mr. Sanderson is paramount.


3. Writers of the Future Volume 26

This publication remains my ultimate goal. Since I am unpublished, time is still on my side. My goal is to submit to this competition for the next two to three years, build a sizeable library, and improve my writing voice. If I do get published in this annual anthology, then I'll submit my novels using this publication as a platform. It may sound convoluded - but as I said - time is on my side ... for now.


4.The Diamond Throne - David Eddings

OK. So I went back to my roots. This was one of my favorite series during my high school/early college days. Plainly speaking, Sparhawk is a man's man!


5. Ranger's Apprentice - The Ruins of Gorlan - John Flanagan

I saw that my kids were enjoying this series. I picked it out of my son's bookshelf and enjoyed it more than I expected. In fact, I finished it in a single sitting on a flight to Japan. I particularly enjoyed the character-driven plot that held my attention to the last page. I'm looking forward to the other stories in the series.