I started my professional career as an Electrical Engineer from Iowa State University - graduating in December 1991. As I moved into management positions, I received my MBA in 2000 from the University of Iowa and I am working on my Masters of Systems Engineering at Iowa State.


Currently, I am the managing director for the Sales Departments at a small company in Iowa.


I have a lovely wife, three fantastic children who have incredible futures in front of them, a dog, a cat, and four fish that my kids never feed.


So, where does my passion for the arts come in? Everywhere. I write most every day early in the morning and late at night. I have completed numerous writing courses and study the craft any chance I get. Vocal music is an important part of my life and I have been singing with the same community choir for over five years. I participate in community theatre every opportunity I can get and I direct a children's choir at my local church.


My hobbies include watching as many of my kid's extra-curricular events as possible and running (which I do only because I can't stop eating chocolate).