Excerpt from 'What Lurks Within'


Albert desperately pushed cornstalks out of his path as he stumbled through the field. Dried out leaves stung his face, hands, and arms - as if he were being attacked by a thousand angry bees. His legs, already weary with exhaustion, somehow maintained his balance and momentum as the stalks bent reluctantly out of his way.

He knew he couldn’t keep this pace for much longer. But, it didn’t matter. Not anymore. More than likely, he’d be dead in a matter of hours anyway. His secret had been exposed. They knew what he was. They had discovered his intentions, his purpose … his life-long goal.


No, he thought, not his life-long goal. It’s bigger than that. Much bigger.


Albert knew he was in trouble the instant the black Mercedes pulled onto his gravel driveway. When the three men and a woman stepped out with their business suits, he knew they were out to kill him. No one approached a farmhouse in Marion Iowa dressed in a business suit unless they held serious intentions.

He barely had enough time to escape. He was pretty sure they didn’t notice his mad dash into the corn field. Fortunately, it was autumn. The cornstalks were tall enough to hide his movements, yet dried enough to bend and break out of the way. Maybe … hopefully … he had made a mistake. Maybe they weren’t Reds.


No, he silently told himself. I felt them. Definitely, they were Reds – all four of them. He felt their presence immediately. He always had a talent for identifying those of his kind.


Albert stopped amongst the stalks of corn, searching for their presence again. A typical Iowa-autumn breeze stiffly blew through the field, making it difficult to hear anything. It didn’t matter. He couldn’t sense their presence anymore. At least he had a bit of time.


He had to find George Walker and he knew exactly how to do it.