Excerpt from 'Tin Soldier'


“That’s a load of crap, Dad … and you know it.” Jon said his face reddening with angst.

“Jon, you don’t need Enhancements. No one does any more - especially here on Printerra,” Tonio took a deep breath. He understood the importance of remaining calm - all too well. Bad things happened whenever he lost control. Regrettable things ... life-changing things.


“Dad, this isn’t twenty years ago,” Jon said equating two decades with a millennia.

“Exactly. Enhancements aren’t needed to survive on the planet any longer. There hasn’t been a bulwark or runtclaw sighting in years.”


“No, Dad. That’s not what I mean. God, it’s different from when you got them. They’ve improved the procedures. For someone my age, there’s absolutely no side-effects.”


“Right, son. Absolutely. No problems.”


Jon stepped towards the chair pulling out a scrunched pamphlet he had stuffed in his pocket. "Just take a look at this, will you? Please?”


Tonio knew what the pamphlet said without even looking at it. It would include testimonials from doctors and previous patients exclaiming the virtues of Enhancements. “Unlock Your Fullest Potential” it would say ... “Beat Evolution by Millions of Years with Enhancements”. He’d be damned if he’d let his son fall in the same trap. The very sight of the pamphlet disgusted him. He brushed his son’s hand to the side.


“God – Dad. You won’t even read it?”