Excerpt from 'Like Father'


William sighed as Maintenance Bots swarmed over the charred remnants of Power Station 025. The Bots whirred, hovered, and mindlessly worked to repair the wreckage from the Underground’s latest attack. Damage to the Power Station was localized, yet completely devastating. The station sat idle, hopelessly inoperable.

A Maintenance Bot placed a pallet of replacement parts in front of him. William studied its contents, shook his head, and sighed. The parts were definitely second hand – cast off rejects from other power stations within the colony. It would take years for William to scrounge, trade, and beg for the right components to get the station back to peak efficiency.


“If the Protectorate wants power so badly, wouldn’t you think they’d get me quality replacements?” William asked the Bot, still hovering over the pallet.


It replied by grabbing two parts, fitting them together with an odd crunch, and whirring itself towards its metal brethren.


William waved his middle finger at the lot of them. He knew it was a childish gesture, but somehow it made him feel better. Besides, the Bots didn’t seem offended. “Damned Underground,” William grumbled to himself. “What the hell do they have against me anyway?”