Excerpt from 'The Founder'


Evan closed his eyes and buried his emotions deep within himself as the press shuttle flew him to the moon. He knew that if his fear leaked through, his mission would fail and he would most likely die a pointless death.

When Evan joined the Unification Alliance three years ago, he never thought he would lead the strike force that would bring balance back to the world. The Space Exploration Council, or SEC, had gone too far. They’d orchestrated the most corrupt and morally bankrupt escapade in human history: the colonization of space.

The SEC was a fraud. They hid behind mystic mathematical equations and blasphemous philosophies. They faked the pictures and videos transmitted back to Earth. They claimed to have manufactured three colonization ships, launching two of them. They didn’t. They built only one ship, a nonfunctional ship, a ship they recycled for every staged launch.

The Unification Alliance had presented all the evidence. Funds were diverted. Scandals broke. Members of the SEC had grown wealthier, as if they needed the money.

The response from the SEC was laughable. They stumbled over their own words, trapped within their own lies, paralyzed by their own bureaucracy.

But even if the SEC did what they claimed, it didn’t matter. The SEC had to be stopped. They’d squandered devastating amounts of natural resources, wasted the efforts of millions of people, and diverted funding from programs that fed the hungry and cured the sick.
God willing, Evan’s task force would obliterate the SEC’s lunar base of operations, a facility named New Earth.

Evan knew God created humanity for two reasons: To live under God’s laws and wait for his triumphant and transcendental return. Clearly, the SEC stood against God. Humanity had no right to colonize worlds other than Earth – not when humans still lived in sin and imperfection.

Not when so many suffered from hunger and poverty.

Not when his only son, Danny, died from a disease found curable months after his death.