Works by Gregory Raymond




The Magician of Earolyn - A Novel

In the world of Earolyn, Jacol Naus commands a garrison in the small village of Cistern. One night, a squad doesn’t return from a routine scouting patrol. This one event unleashes a maelstrom that ultimately challenges his loyalties to everything he once thought true. In a matter of days, he is accused of betraying his comrades, his homeland, his family, and even himself. But, who is the true betrayer of Earolyn?

Over the years, Jacol has been well decorated for his bravery, loyalty, and intelligence. However, he is about to face challenges that would make even the strongest of souls crumble. What he believes as truth is nothing more than fallacies wrapped within well-crafted lies. Trusted individuals become enemies and enemies become allies. Family members become strangers and strangers become confidants. Most importantly, the hidden secrets of a powerful Magic are revealed.

Will Jacol free himself from the manipulation of powerful forces outside of his control? Can he find it within himself to accept a new truth and free those he cares about from persecution and torment? Does Jacol have the talents necessary to liberate the citizens of Earolyn from their unknown slavery and become a Magician of Earolyn?


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What Lurks Within - A Novel

George Walker hates jogging. But his love of eating combined with his phobia of transforming into a giant blob of middle-aged fat keeps his feet pounding the pavement. He might consider some other exercise, but there's no other practical alternative when living in the small town of Marion Iowa.


While jogging on a late October night, George is literally assaulted with secrets that will change the course of human history forever. Within days, George finds himself in the center of an intergalactic conspiracy that has placed humans as unknowing slaves.


But more importantly, George's family is falling apart. His ten-year marriage to his high school sweet heart is crumbling - mostly due to his own stupidity. His two children are swept into events beyond George's imagination and all four family members find themselves fighting for their lives.


Can George save his marriage and rescue his children while attempting to save the whole of humanity at the same time? Or, is what lurks within all of us too powerful for George, or anyone else on Earth, to resist?

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The Founder - A Novelette

How do humans colonize Earolyn? The novelette "The Founder" follows the exploits of Abrahem, a genetically enhanced scientist.Abrahem lives on the moon in a facility named New Earth. He is responsible for the successful launch of the EARTH Foundation, the spaceship intended to colonize Earolyn.


However, New Earth is compromised shortly before the Foundation can launch. Abrahem finds himself caught in a life or death struggle. In order to succeed, he can no longer rely upon his superior intellect. Instead, he must call upon something he considers beneath his genetic talents - physical strength and domination.


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Tin Soldier - A Novelette

'Tin Soldier', loosely based on a popular campfire song, tells the story of a beaten down ex-soldier, Tonio. Tonio struggles with demons of his past, which adversely affects his relationship with Jon, his teenage son.


Can Tonio salvage the strained relationship between himself and Jon or will he follow in his own father's footsteps and push his own son away forever? This 12,000 word story answers that question as it takes the reader down an emotional, yet excitingly fresh adventure.


TIN SOLDIER recently earned an Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future competition, 3Q 2010. (So, for any potential first readers ... how bad can it really be?)


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Like Father - A Novelette

This 12,000 word story examines a futuristic Earth where a subset of humans have Evolved leaving the rest of the population to live in squalor.


William's only daughter, Flynn, possesses a series of unique genetic markers which recently classified her as Evolved. As a result, she was forcibly removed from her home and restricted to live in isolation from her father. Both William and Flynn struggle against impossible odds to reunite and escape from those in power that had once separated them.


Can William obtain a second chance against those who stole his daughter away? Will Flynn face her own insecurities, master her new abilities, and escape safely with her father?


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